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Melati, meaning jasmine, offers their guests serenity with a Balinese Village life atmosphere.
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By Julia Klein at Monday 04 April 2011
I liked the gallery especially, thanks for the site.
By Julia Klein at Monday 04 April 2011
I loved your site,
please keep it up to date, i want to know more about balinese lifestyle.
By Jack at Tuesday 29 March 2011
This is very good website.
By Henrik Valen at Tuesday 15 February 2011
Complimenten voor jullie website,
met vriendelijke groet!
By SEO at Saturday 22 January 2011
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By sabuydee at Friday 19 November 2010
Thank you for the resources,You have so many beautiful minis and so wonderful web page!! Wish you all the best in the future.
By phukettravel at Tuesday 28 September 2010
great site,thanks
By julie dot at Saturday 21 August 2010
melati cottages is the only place i will stay when in bali. my family has been coming to melati for nearly twenty years and we still love it! glorious people who are the ultimate as far as hospitality, friendliness, kindness, understanding and support. we love melati!
By Dina Reyes at Thursday 25 March 2010
surrounding is very natural
the best place for relaxing in fresh weather with low cost hotel
By Dina Reyes at Thursday 25 March 2010
surrounding is very natural
the best place for relaxing in fresh weather with low cost hotel
By diane roberts at Thursday 23 July 2009
Having heard about Melati Cottages from friends in Byron Bay Australia I found myself staying for 3 weeks whilst on holiday in Ubud.
I found the staff friendly and accomodating and the room and all facilities were imaculate and of a good standard.
I will recommend Melati to my friends who intend to visit Bali and will return myself in the near future.......thank you
By Evelyn at Tuesday 05 May 2009
"Exceptionally Gracious, Warm and Honest Management and Employees" I have held 8 workshops at Melati Cottages over the past 5 years. These are some of the loveliest, kindest, most gracious people I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and I have travelled all over the world. Of the well over 100 guests I have brought there, not one single person has a problem with loss, rudeness or any similar kind of problem with the staff or management of this establishment. Melati Cottages is a gem of a place, it is not 5 star (nor does it claim to be)... but it is wll situated, clean, charming, incredibly reasonably priced, well managed, and staffed with deeply caring people. One of my students took a fall and was hospitalized, the level of concern they showed was heartwarming. The hotel owner drove an hour to visit this gentleman in the hospital and took an active part in getting him the best care. Thank You Melati Cottages... you are the best. I have a ream of glowing reports from my attendees, and I can't imagine a better place to stay or hold a workshop.
By Linda Moselle at Wednesday 29 April 2009
I'm sure that Melati is one of the places at the center of the universe. So many of my friends are from our time there and, even now, many friends are there. We'll always love it
By Mister Jupiter at Tuesday 28 April 2009
"I LOVE MELATI COTTAGES" I've been to Bali twice on business and stayed at Melati Cottages both times, two weeks on each visit. I found the place magnificently beautiful, friendly, and it felt safe and secure. If I return to Bali, I will be there a third time. The staff is a bunch of angels.
By TravellingCat09 at Tuesday 28 April 2009
" HEAVEN IN THE RICE FIELD" I have stayed at Melati twice for two weeks each time, (in October 06 and August 08) and return in May 09 for a third stay of three weeks. It is a 10 minute walk into bustling Ubud; Melati is quiet and safe & welcoming. As a woman traveling solo, I am always very conscious my surroundings. I feel very safe at Melati. The staff has always treated me & my fellow travelers with the utmost respect and honesty. I cannot imagine staying anywhere else whilst in Bali. It's not a five-star luxury hotel, but the rooms in my experience are clean & comfortable - and always a fresh creatively folded towel on the bed each day, with a fresh flower.
By Gael Seymore (CEO MaAfrika Tikkun Australia) at Wednesday 07 January 2009
Thank you for such a welcoming and wonderful stay ay Melati Cottages, Ubud. It was peaceful, friendly, quiet and private being out in the rice fields - while still close enough to walk into Ubud and all the shops and restaurants. A perfect place to soak up the culture of Bali, while feeling like part of a family. Thank you again for the excellent service and warm friendly smiles... to be remembered always.... or at least until we return - SOON! Warm regards
By Melanie Reinhart at Thursday 20 November 2008
Melati Cottages immediately felt like a home away from home. How delightful it was to share this with a group of such lovely people
By Caroline W. Casey at Thursday 20 November 2008
I LOVE Melati Cottages - the rustic Balinese paradisical venue, that I am so grateful Evelyn has scouted. My room there will live perpetually in my heart as a soul refuge. There were actual geckos on the carved geckos on the door to my room - the first night. Way cool. Art is animated in infinitely charming ways. Ah, life, color, adventure with serene safety, ancient beauty, modern complexity, mythologies of light and shadow - and convivial companions - this is real wealth."
By Bun at Thursday 20 November 2008
Melati's surrounding is very natural
the best place for relaxing in fresh weather with low cost hotel
By i made andika at Friday 14 November 2008
heloo...this is the new melati website! congratulations to melati cottages