Enchanting Ubud


Ubud take your Balinese holiday and makes it sublime. In one easy package you plunge into the incomparably rich culture of Bali while making certain that you never lack of for pleasure.

Compared to other parts of Bali where you might spend a day at the beach or on a tour or otherwise idling away, Ubud fills your time with walks, performances, art museums, fine food, and much more. And it's all there ready for you. Generations of visitors haven't dimmed the natural openness of the locals, who are generally thrilled that you are interested in their beautiful temples, intriguing cultural ceremonies and beautiful cenery.

Set on the gentle slopes leading to Bali's highlands, attend any  of the myriad of ciltures, Ubud enjoys weather that while tropical and often wet! -during the day, cools off with gentle mountain breezes at night. Its fabric is striated with one surging river, stream and rice field channel after another. You're never more than just a few steps away from fast-flowing clear water. Walks in the countryside and river valleys are journeys into natural beauty, where you will run out of words for 'green'

When you're ready to watch balinese at work, attend any of the myriad cultural shows staged nightly in and around town. These reveal the rich artistry of Balinese dance and music. The settings are simple, which enhances the authenticity.

When you're feeling hungry, you can choose from an array of creative and inviting cafes, restaurants and shops. For rest, select from family-run guesthouses tp world-class resorts, and revive yourself in spa.

Ubud is the kind of place where you would love to stay for weeks instead of day.